Kineticjs Drag & Drop

KineticJS inherently supports dragging of elements, but what if you need “Drop” as well, sure you may drop anything anywhere on the stage but most of the times we want to be able to drop stuff in a pre-defined position and then apply some transformation. This is an example how we can achieve something like…

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[HTML5 Game] Potion Master

Potion Master is a puzzle game, where the player has to guess the right combination set by the AI. This game includes: Build-in A.I Build-in Tip system Sound manager & Sounds HD Graphics Gracefully scales to different screen-sizes Access to local-storage Infinite theme posibilities You can view the game here: Potion Master on Codecanyon

Create grid patterns with canvas (blocks, diamonds, hex)

While making some experiments with a game, I felt the need to add a grid to the background, after much thinking I decided that canvas should be the “best” solutions for this. However after creating a simple “square” grid I wanted also hexagons and diamond grids. And this is what I’m presenting here, how to…

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