Happy New Year!

I wish you all happy new year! Here’s a little codepen made with the gaming framework Phaser.io See the Pen Christmas 2014, from 7L by Michael Dobekidis (@netgfx) on CodePen.

[HTML5 Game] Potion Master

Potion Master is a puzzle game, where the player has to guess the right combination set by the AI. This game includes: Build-in A.I Build-in Tip system Sound manager & Sounds HD Graphics Gracefully scales to different screen-sizes Access to local-storage Infinite theme posibilities You can view the game here: Potion Master on Codecanyon

Guess Who? HTML5 Game

I have released another HTML5 game on CodeCanyon. A classic game for a modern browser Features: HTML5 and CSS3 technologies Supports all modern browsers and tablets Multi-language architecture Highly customizable to change avatars/pictures/names/questions Fully functional with AI No-globals means wordpress compatible Files include version of the game in Greek. Names and questions can be changed…

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Flex / Air post apocalyptic battleship game [Post-Grid]

Hello, I have just released a new Flex/Air game on ActiveDen. Check it out! – It features smart A.I to play against. – Source files include cross-platform Air application AND Flex Web-application. – High customization available. – Based on latest Official Adobe Flex SDK (4.6) You can find it here: LINK