Greensock-TweenMax Javascript animation (JQuery based)

This is the first post in this blog for javascript based stuff. I am using greensock products for years for flash/flex/air projects and I would not change their animation power with anything. So when greensock announced port to javascript I was thrilled, and excited to try out the “new” implementation… but wait… there is nothing “new” to the way we declare things… its the same compact and straightforward structure I used in flash! Amazing!

Plus it works with JQuery out of the box AND supports CSS animations, HTML properties animations, timeline animations and a bunch of other cool stuff.

So for my next trick I created a page with the pacman eating some dots, this was done in 10′ and the javascript required as you will see its minimum.

!Note: best viewed with a modern browser as I used css3 for the shapes.

Check it out:

Learn more about Greensock and its animation platform here:


Capitalize first letter of a word JS & AS3 (quick tip)

After 10′ of searching for a fast solution I came up with this, I suspect there is a much cooler way of capitalizing with AS3, but if I can’t find it on 2 pages of search results it pretty much doesn’t exist…
So here we go, this might work only for single words but that was the intention.

function capWord(source) {
var cap = String(source).substr(0,1);
cap = String(cap).toUpperCase()+String(source).slice(1);
trace('A capitalized '+cap); // A capitalized Word
window.console.log('A capitalized '+cap);



Flowplayer auto focus with JS (FF too)

I was asked to find a way to enable auto focus on flowplayer without the user to click anything at all. After much search and thought… I figured out an easy way to do this using the Flowplayer API and JS.
In this example I give auto focus the moment the player is done loading in HTML and by pressing num-key: “2” it toggles FullScreen.

note: This works on Firefox too.

("player", "../flowplayer/flowplayer.commercial-3.2.5.swf", {
clip: {
url: 'SOMEURL',
provider: 'rtmp',
if(e == 50){
plugins: {
rtmp: {
url: '../flowplayer/flowplayer.rtmp-3.2.3.swf',
netConnectionUrl: 'rtmp://SOMEURL'

Special thanks to @Havoc24k