All Available CSS Color Names

For a fun project I wrote a little javascript class/function that returns all the availabe CSS color-names like (“red”,”royalBlue”,etc) in many different ways (assosiative-array, indexed-array, object,etc) as well as the selected color shades.

You can find it on gitHub here -> ColorNames Fn

And some examples here -> Examples

[[code]]czowOlwiXCI7e1smKiZdfQ==[[/code]]<a href="">Check out this Pen!</a>

The use is quite easy and it has no library dependencies

Engage the function:

var colorNames = new ColorNames({
"numOfShades":10 // optional

And then ask for the type of return object that you wish:

var _colorNames = colorNames.returnItems('all_names'); // returns only the names of the colors
var _colorValues = colorNames.returnItems('all_indexed_obj'); // returns an array of objects that contain both names and colors



Convert RBGA to Hex Tool

Hey all, recently I was searching the internets for a tool that successfully converts uint to hex and vice versa but I could not find anything, so I went and created a tool that converts from RGB/HEX/RGBA/UINT to anything even color percentages.

It has the mocking name of RGBaZR (thus making it trendy with the -zr ending…) and it can be found here: