Flex / Air post apocalyptic battleship game [Post-Grid]

Hello, I have just released a new Flex/Air game on ActiveDen. Check it out!


– It features smart A.I to play against.
– Source files include cross-platform Air application AND Flex Web-application.
– High customization available.
– Based on latest Official Adobe Flex SDK (4.6)

You can find it here: LINK


Android Application Instagib

Yesterday I launched my application in the Android Marketplace called Instagib, it is made on Air with Flex and AS3.

Its a utility application which allows users to exchange info through QR code, even links or contact information. What is important is that the QR works with even the default android QR reader so that no one is “forced” to install the application in order to receive data from someone that has it.

It also features a built-in web-browser using the Air StageWebView, a built-in twitter client! which links open in the application browser so that they can be shared via QR.

Make sure to check it out: Instagib App

I’ll be sure to post some parts of the application as it is free and mostly based on open source libraries.

Leave a comment if you want to request some particular part be explained here.