New Game Published: Vampyre – World at stake

Vampyre: World at stake A turn based battle game based on the world of Vampyre. A menacing ancient evil is enslaving the country. You are the chosen hero to avenge the people and vanquish the evil once and for all! Buy at: Envato РCodecanyon

Kineticjs Drag & Drop

KineticJS inherently supports dragging of elements, but what if you need “Drop” as well, sure you may drop anything anywhere on the stage but most of the times we want to be able to drop stuff in a pre-defined position and then apply some transformation. This is an example how we can achieve something like…

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Guess Who? HTML5 Game

I have released another HTML5 game on CodeCanyon. A classic game for a modern browser Features: HTML5 and CSS3 technologies Supports all modern browsers and tablets Multi-language architecture Highly customizable to change avatars/pictures/names/questions Fully functional with AI No-globals means wordpress compatible Files include version of the game in Greek. Names and questions can be changed…

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Canvas grid pattern constructor v1.1 released

Hello, I just released a grid pattern constructor on Envato Codecanyon. This Grid-pattern is ideal for wireframe templates, blueprint designs or as a simple background. The grid contains a build-in mechanism for responsive re-draw, and can be easily customized to include other grid-patterns, right now it can produce: blocks, diamonds, hexagons, circles and diagonal lines…

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All Available CSS Color Names

For a fun project I wrote a little javascript class/function that returns all the availabe CSS color-names like (“red”,”royalBlue”,etc) in many different ways (assosiative-array, indexed-array, object,etc) as well as the selected color shades. You can find it on gitHub here -> ColorNames Fn And some examples here -> Examples <a href="">Check out this Pen!</a> The…

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